Sunday, September 5, 2010

Burning Man 2010 in

Burning Man 2010 in Google Earth

We covered some neat things with Burning Man (a very popular annual event that is "an experiment in community, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance") back in 2006 and 2007, and they've done some more cool stuff this year.
GEB reader Jeff has shared an image that was captured by GeoEye a few days ago that shows many of the participants forming a giant peace sign around the "man" in the center of the city. Here's the pic:
In addition, GeoEye has already published a fresh image to their "Featured Imagery" layer in Google Earth. You can find the layer titled "GeoEye featured Imagery" under the "More" section of your layers. Fly to this KML and turn the layer on, and you'll see something like this:
There will likely be other imagery coming in over the next few days. If you come across anything noteworthy, share your finds in the comments below.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

web yönetici araçları google

Google’ın web sitelerini nasıl taradığı ve dizine eklediği konusunda kapsamlı bilgi edinebileceğiniz tek noktaya hoş geldiniz. Burada, sitenizin daha kolay taranmasını ve dizine eklenmesini nasıl sağlayabileceğiniz, tarama sorunlarını teşhis etmenize olanak sağlayacak araçlara erişmeniz, sitenizin dizinimizde gösterdiği performansa ilişkin istatistikleri incelemeniz için gereken bilgileri bulabilir, sitenizin nasıl taranmasını ve dizine eklenmesini istediğinizi bize bildirebilirsiniz.

AdSense Web seminerinde buluşalım

Google AdSense Web Seminarlarına kayıt olmak için burayı ziyaret etmeniz yeterli olacaktır. Türkiye saati ile 17:30'da bugün Blog Siteleri hakkındaki Web Seminarımızda buluşmak üzere.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Google Mobile App for iPhone gets pushy

Monday, August 23, 2010 | 10:00 AM
Ever missed an appointment or important email because you were away from your desk? Now Google Mobile App can help with push notifications from your Google account to your iPhone -- an icon badge shows you’ve got new mail in Gmail, and Google Calendar event reminders appear right on your home screen.

We’ve also added spiffy features to get you information faster -- when looking for flight info, weather, stock quotes or currency conversion you’ll see answers before you even hit ‘Search’.

You can get the update from the App Store by searching for ‘Google Mobile App’.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you want to learn more, please visit our help center.

Update 8/24 5:00 PM PST:
  • You will only receive pop-up messages and sound/vibration for calendar alerts - new email is shown using the unread count on the Google Mobile App icon and in the apps tab.
  • To ensure you get alerts go to the Settings > Google Accounts panel inside Google Mobile App and switch on the notifications you'd like to receive. If you initially didn't allow Google Mobile App to receive push notifications when prompted, you can enable the feature again in the iOS Settings' application's Notifications panel.

New in Labs: Find docs and sites quickly with Apps Search

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 | 11:05 AM

Where is that presentation? Was it attached to an email? Or in Google Docs? If you’re not sure, you may end up searching several places with the same query in order to find it. With the new “Apps Search” lab, we just made that all a bit simpler.

Once you enable it from the Gmail Labs tab under Settings, the “Search Mail” button in Gmail will say “Search Mail and Docs” instead, and your search results will include matching documents and sites in addition to email messages.

We also added “Did you mean?” style suggestions, for those of us who make mistakes (who doesn’t?):

You may notice that mail results show up just as fast as before while non-mail results may take a tiny bit longer. That way, if you’re just looking for an email, having this lab enabled won’t slow you down.

The paint is still wet and we plan to make further improvements the coming months, so be sure to let us know if you have any feedback.

Easier event scheduling in Google Calendar

Thursday, August 26, 2010 | 5:20 PM

In the next day or so, you'll start to see some changes to the event page in Google Calendar which should make scheduling events easier. We've made the style more consistent with other Google apps, put information that’s most commonly used at the top of the screen, simplified the layout, and added some functionality.

A new repeating event editor
The old interface for creating recurring events was clumsy and took up too much space on the screen. Now you'll see only a summary of your recurring event on the main event page; if you want to edit it, you can use a window that opens when you select the "Repeats" checkbox.

A new tool to help you find a time for your event
You'll notice a new tab on the event page that should make it easier to find a good time to schedule an event. When your friends or coworkers give you permission to see their calendars, you can click this tab to see a preview of their schedules and hover over their events to see what conflicts they might have. This should make scheduling a tad easier, especially for events with large numbers of guests. For Google Apps users, the new schedule preview can also show data from other calendar services using our Google Calendar Connectors API.

Changes under the hood
As browsers and other technologies both within and outside of Google have evolved, we've found it necessary to occasionally make structural code changes in order to keep up. These visible changes are only the surface; underneath we've added a new model for how we represent calendar events in the browser and a new mechanism for how we make sure those events get properly saved. We've paid special attention to performance, consistency, and extensibility. In the short term, you'll hopefully notice that the event page opens slightly faster than it did before.

New from google "Call phones on gmail"

Call anywhere in the US and Canada for free and get low rates for other countries with this small plugin — right from within Gmail.

Requires Windows XP+ / Mac OS X 10.4+ / Linux
Click above to be taken to Gmail
Free to the US Call phones in the US and Canada for free.
Cheap international calls Call around the world for pennies per minute
Video chat, too Install the plugin and get video chat for free

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our latest search story: run on

This is part of our summer series of new Search Stories. Look for the label Search Stories and subscribe to the series. -Ed.

Recently, a group of Google product managers challenged one another to run 100 miles over 30 days in the interest of encouraging summer fitness. I grew up in Huntsville, AL, where I always loved exercising and experiencing the great outdoors, so I took to the challenge immediately. One hundred and thirty-three miles and a few pairs of new running shoes later, it was an incredible opportunity to push myself further than I’d ever imagined. But, I must admit—it wasn’t easy.

I’m delighted to help introduce our latest Search Story, Healthy Habits. This is a story of one woman’s journey to get back into shape. It shows the difficulties of sticking to a workout routine, and the empowerment that comes with reaching—and even exceeding your goals. It highlights the many tools and tricks that make Google a great workout companion, and I hope it inspires you to incorporate new healthy habits into your own lifestyle.

Enjoy this week’s video, and don’t forget to check out the other videos if you haven’t already. Search (and run) on!

Update Aug 20: Some of you may have had trouble watching this video due to "restricted" messages, especially if you're reading this post in a feed reader. We're working to resolve the issue now—in the meantime, you can still watch on the blog itself or directly on YouTube. -Ed.
Update Aug 20, 3:00 PM PST: The video should be viewable everywhere now. Thanks for your patience.

Google Apps highlights

This is part of a regular series of Google Apps updates that we post every couple of weeks. Look for the label “Google Apps highlights" and subscribe to the series. - Ed.

Over the last few weeks, we made it easier to find more kinds of information in Gmail as well as use multiple Gmail accounts at once. Google Docs and Google Sites both added new features, and we released improved tools to move existing data to Google Apps.

Find docs and sites quickly from Gmail
On Wednesday we cooked up our newest Labs feature in Gmail—a more powerful version of Gmail’s search feature. Now, not only can you search for messages and chats, you can also search for information in Google Docs and Google Sites from your inbox. This is a big time-saver when you don’t remember where the information you’re looking for is saved. We also recently added the ability to drag attachments from Gmail to your desktop if you use Google Chrome.

Use multiple Gmail accounts at once
Life is now easier for people with multiple Gmail accounts. With the new multiple sign-in feature, you can toggle back and forth between accounts, or even have Gmail open in two tabs with different accounts. To learn more about this feature for advanced users, head over to the Gmail Blog.

Improvements to documents, spreadsheets and drawings in Google Docs
We rolled out a rapid-fire string of useful features for Google Docs over the last couple weeks, including alternate page sizes and resizable tables in documents, spell checking in spreadsheets, and a new curve rendering tool in drawings. All these features make creating and collaborating with others in real-time on documents, spreadsheets and drawings easier.

New site navigation choices in Google Sites
Google Sites got in on the action this week too, with the ability to add horizontal navigation buttons, tabs or links to your sites. We also added the option to include a site-wide footer on your pages, and made it easier for people to open embedded documents in a new tab where users with access can make edits.

App Tuesday: Nine new additions to the Apps Marketplace
For organizations, a key advantage of Google Apps is immediate access to productivity-enhancing innovations from third-party software companies. This month, nine new applications were added to the Apps Marketplace. Instead of struggling with patches and updates each month, Google Apps customers can activate new functionality with just a couple clicks.

Who’s gone Google?
We have a long list of new customers to share who have recently switched to Google Apps. A warm welcome goes out to Roberto Cavalli, HÔM Real Estate Group, Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss, Bergelectric, the cities of Westerville and Wooster in Ohio, as well as the State of Maryland, which will be making Google Apps available to all 1.4 million of its K-12 and higher education students.

If your business or school is ready to “go Google”, we’re happy to report that making the switch is even easier with new data migration options. In addition to our existing tools to migrate email, contacts and calendar data from Microsoft Exchange, hosted Exchange and Lotus Notes, last week we simplified the process to migrate from IMAP systems and PST data files.

I hope these updates help you or your organization get even more from Google Apps. For details and the latest news in this area, check out the Google Apps Blog.

We appreciate your interest

Our recent posts about Video Sitemaps are of interest to a wide range of webmasters, so we've chosen to post them on the Webmaster Central Blog, rather than the Google Video Blog. As a result we've decided to retire the Google Video blog and post news and information about Video Sitemaps, as well as developments with our video index that powers the video results in Google search and Google Videos (, on the Webmaster Central Blog.

Thanks for your readership over the years—we look forward to seeing you in our new home

Saturday, August 14, 2010

what is new picasa

What's been keeping us busy

Improved Sharing
Friends and family can now easily see all the albums you've shared with them when they visit your gallery page. When viewing any album, you can also see who you've shared it with. Additionally, the new "Sign-in required" album setting gives you even more control over who can see your photos.
Better-looking video
Videos larger than 320 pixels now play back in higher-quality MPEG4 format.
Automatic comment translations
If your photo is getting kudos from around the globe, we'll automatically translate comments in foreign languages to your default language.
Focus on People Our new technology allows you quickly and easily add name tags to your photos to help you automatically organize your photo collection according to who's in each picture.
See name tags in action >>
Search, discover and have fun The new Explore Page can help you discover popular, interesting and recent public content from millions of users across the globe.
Experience the future of Picasa software Picasa 3 has more powerful features, including a retouching tool and new Sync functionality to make uploading and sharing photos faster and easier. You can also create custom collages, improve your slideshows, and turn your photos into movies with YouTube integration.
Email upload You can now forward photos to your online albums using email. Perfect for use on your mobile device, you can even collaborate with friends by submitting photos to one album with the same email address.
Control how your images are used with Creative Commons With the new Creative Commons licensing feature on Picasa Web Albums, you can choose a CC license for your images that enables you to share your work while retaining control over its use.
Hear from the Picasa Web Albums team Learn tips and tricks directly from the people behind the product with our Picasa Web Albums blog. You can even Add the RSS feed to your iGoogle homepage or Google Reader subscription.
Map your photos See your photos arranged on a map, and show friends exactly where you took your best pictures. Simply type a location into the 'Place Taken' field when creating a new album, or refine a photo's placement using a drag-and-drop map. It's a great way to share photos from a summer vacation or road trip. For a quick peek at what results look like, check out our demo album.
Picasa Web Albums for mobile devices Take your favorite pictures with you everywhere.  You can now use your mobile phone to see any picture you've posted to Picasa Web Albums.  You can even post comments on your friends' latest photos.


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Resmi Google Blog: Google konuşuyorum gets

Google talk software

Friday, August 13, 2010

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites. AdSense also lets you provide Google search to your site users, while earning money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages.

AdSense outlined

  • Get paid for displaying targeted Google ads on your site
  • Customize ads easily to match your site's look and feel
  • Track your success with online reports
  • Read how publishers found success with AdSense in our case studies

How does it work?

  1. Choose the type and placement of ad units to be displayed

    • Specify where you want ads to appear
    • Choose what types of ads can compete for those slots
  2. Highest-paying ads display

    • Advertisers bid on your inventory in a real-time auction
    • Always show the highest-paying ad
  3. Get paid

    • Google bills advertisers and ad networks
    • Get paid through our reliable payment options

More features

If you have a website that complies with our program policies and eligibility criteria, we encourage you to give a try to AdSense.
Get Started now

Our specialist team will review your application and you’ll receive a follow-up email within about a week. If you’re accepted into the program, you can sign in to your new account to get the HTML code that will display ads on your web pages.
Ready to get started?

New Google Buzz API features, including a garden hose

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It’s been less than a month since our last launch, but we couldn’t sit still so today we’re announcing three new features. We think these will help developers create deeper, more engaging user experiences.

First, we wanted to make the firehose experience available to those who didn’t have the required server resources to support that amount of traffic. So we built a “garden hose” that’s a random sampling of public Google Buzz posts with a query rate that’ll come under the free quota limit for Google App Engine. As such, many more developers will be able to easily get their hands dirty on this great source of real-time data.

Second, we’ve created an API to return the people associated with a particular activity query. That is, you can now search for people who have recently created a public post that includes an arbitrary string or related geo-location. For example, if you wanted to see the people associated with Red Sox near Fenway Park, you could use this URL for the JSON response.

Third, we now enable users to discover and explore content related to a particular post. With this new API, developers can now access and deliver Google search results related to the topic of that post. For example, given this post about Coworking Day, you could add ‘/@related’ to the end of the self link to get this JSON response of related links. Cool, huh?

As always, these features are documented in more detail on the Google Buzz API documentation site. Please swing by the the Developer Forum and let us know what you think!

Google Logos history

doodle for sesame street
doodle for holidays
doodle for popeye

Doodle History

Over the years, doodles on the Google homepage have made searching on Google more fun and enjoyable for its users worldwide. When doodles were first created, nobody had anticipated how popular and integral they would become to the Google search experience. Nowadays, many users excitedly anticipate the release of each new doodle and some even collect them!
Doodles are known as the decorative changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists and scientists. Whether it is the beginning of Spring, Albert Einstein's birthday, or the 50th anniversary of understanding DNA, the doodle team never fails to find artistic ways to celebrate these unique events.
Having a little bit of fun with the corporate logo by redesigning it from time to time is unheard of at many companies but at Google, it is a part of the brand. While the doodle is primarily a fun way for the company to recognize events and notable people, it also illustrates the creative and innovative personality of the company itself.
How did the idea for doodles originate?
In 1999, the concept of the doodle was born when Google founders Larry and Sergey played with the corporate logo to indicate their attendance at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. A stick figure drawing was placed behind the 2nd o in the word, Google and the revised logo was intended as a comical message to Google users that the founders were “out of office.” While the first doodle was relatively simple, the idea of decorating the company logo to celebrate notable events was well received by our users.
A year later in 2000, Larry and Sergey asked current webmaster Dennis Hwang, an intern at the time, to produce a doodle for Bastille Day. Pleased with the result, Dennis was then appointed Google’s chief doodler and doodles became a regular occurrence on the Google homepage. In the beginning, the doodles tended to celebrate largely visible holidays; nowadays, doodles represent a wide array of events and anniversaries from the Olympics to the Mars Rover landing.
Over time, the demand for doodles quickly rose both in the U.S. and internationally. Creating doodles is now the responsibility of a team of talented designers. For them, creating doodles has become a team effort to enliven the Google homepage and bring smiles to a myriad of Google users worldwide.
How many doodles has Google done over the years?
The doodle team has created over 300 doodles for in the United States and over 700 have been designed internationally.
Who chooses what doodles will be created and how do you decide which events will receive doodles?
A group of Googlers regularly get together to decide the events and holidays that will receive doodles. The ideas for the doodles themselves are gathered from numerous sources including Googlers and the general public. The doodle selection process aims to celebrate interesting events and anniversaries that reflect Google's personality and love for innovation. We are aware that the list of doodles is not exhaustive, but we try to select doodles that show creativity and innovation.
Why doesn't Google do doodles for certain holidays?
We enjoy celebrating holidays at Google and are sorry if we missed one that's special to you. As you may imagine, it's difficult for us to choose which events to celebrate on our site. We have a long list of holidays that we'd like to celebrate in the future. We have to balance this rotating calendar with the need to maintain the consistency of the Google homepage. Some holidays that we haven't celebrated in the past will be rotated into our holiday doodles for future years. We try to be sensitive that a doodle is not the most appropriate way to recognize certain events, especially those that are more somber in nature.
Who designs the doodles?
There is a team of designers that are behind the doodles you see on
How can Google users/the public submit ideas for doodles?
The doodle team is open to user ideas; requests for doodles can be sent to The team receives numerous requests so even if we do not get back to you about your request, please know that we do look at and consider all the requests that are submitted.
I love Google and have designed my own doodle. Where can I submit my fan logo?
You can submit your fan logos to
Where can I see all the Google doodles that have been done over the years?
All doodles can be found at